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     Thank you for your interest in Peak Home Loans. We are a professionally licensed Mortgage Brokerage. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.  Rest assured, we will NOT disemminate your loan details to any 3rd party; your information is secure with us.  You applied with us and we will do everything possible to close your loan for you.  We received your request to be contacted .  will contact you directly with the results of your form in front of them.  Our representative will present you with all loan options that are available to you, including maximum loan amount, interest rates, lock period between 30 and 60 days, fees and more.  It's that simple.


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1.)  Guaranteed 30-day closing1 ,or we'll send you a $500 Check.
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  • Your home is your most important asset; your mortgage is your most important debt.
  • A 30-year loan is a long time; make the best deal you can now.
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  • Saving even a small percentage upfront can save you $10,000's over the term of your loan.
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Finish Your Application Online, Lock Your Lowest Rate, Lowest Down Payment, Cash To Close & Start Saving Now.

     Peak Home Loans provides a variety of loan programs in from 1 year to 40 years: Conventional, ARM, FHA, VA, First-Time Homeowner Programs and Jumbo. Purchase your dream home, or refinance to get a lower rate; shorten the length of the loan; get cash to consolidate debt; pay for education, home improvements or turn an adjustable rate into a fixed rate.  As a licensed mortgage broker, we at Peak Home Loans understand the importance of delivering excellent service, obtaining the lowest interest rate, and selecting the new loan that best suits your needs.  Our experienced home loan professionals are available to personally help you explore your options.  And remember, we'll close your loan in less than 30 days guaranteed.

     This offer is for a limited time and expires in 7 days due to fluctuations in rates.  Make getting a better home loan and lowering your payments a reality and don't forget to mention promo code "save100" for saving even more money on your monthly payment.  And remember, we "Make Mortgages Easy..."

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1Contingent upon client submitting required documents in a timely manner and final loan approval. 2Based upon credit, income, assets, debt and other factors. This is not a loan approval.